Thursday, June 14, 2007

An end to all of my adventures . . .

Hello Reader,

Today and I mean ALL DAY . . . Stupid addictive you tube . . . . I'm been comparing Google Video and You Tube. To be honest I prefer You tube than Google Video, when I first went on their home page half of their links were pornographic while on you tube home page they seem to have filter that out most of the time. I think Google just uses You tube videos anyways, When i was using their search engine to search different videos all of their result were from You Tube. Although at least on Google you can save video files to your computer but the catch is that they have to have originated from Google video to work, otherwise there isn't a way to download a video. I tried using the "Post This" option form you tube to post a video on my blog and that took the longest to download on my computer granted my computer is very very slow but I actually gave up twice and the only reason why it finally when thru the third time was because I forgot about it and when downstairs to my patio to bbq some dinner for myself, when I returned with dinner in hand, it had finally retrieved my information. However it still did not work for me in the end. I believe You tube is successful because of it's original idea to broadcast ourselves, it was the first of it's kind and it seems to still have a market even after other similar websites have appeared on the scene. Apple Trailers isn't a new concept for me, as a I-pod owner, Apple is extremely good at marketing their other products and online products to their customers. Once again since my computer is very slow in order to get the trailers to run smoothly on my computer I had to run them all on the smallest size offered and once again it has become very clear that I NEED a new computer. Luckily I was able to use my roommate's computer and I can agree there's definitely a difference between my crappy old slow computer with a slightly younger monitor and my roommate's shinny new sleek computer. But I've also realized that Hollywood sucks! They made a BRATZ movie??!?!? Bratz are hoe dolls!! minus the three movies I'm excited about that are coming out in the summer, I don't think I'll be heading into a movie theatre again till December for Will Smith's movie I Am Legend, I love apocalypse style movies!!

I thought this clip was funny commentary on the I-products phenomenon.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Podcasting my way thru university

Hello Reader,

Let me begin by saying "WOW!" This assignment has made me excited about the next school year. Podcasts are brilliant absolutely brilliant! I've never been interested in podcast before today, I'll admit I've had a small amount of knowledge about podcast and even less about how many different types of podcasts that are available on the web. I'm excited to see what kind of information i can find if i needed to know about a specific topic. Today in particular I was feeling abit thirsty for usable knowledge instead of stupid entertainment stuff like Lindsay Lohan new DUI charge, so off I went and here's what I found . . .

This is from a new website that advertised that they cover unobstructed news so I thought why not listen to see what the have to say. This episode is about global warming.

This is from for their show Definitely Not the Opera- mother's day special

For audiobooks I had used and downloaded Great American Indian Stories, that was interesting but if I had my list of books to read I would probably have not picked this one. I stumbled upon the copyright issue while navigating thru this site. Each book has a different copyright protection act for instance Pride and Prejudice technically has none it state to listen and share freely but Great American Indian Stories allows listening but no sharing and so on. Also At simply audiobooks none of their audiobooks are compatible with I-pods which is sad since I own one. It seems their DRM fairplay technology only hurts me the consumer, the idea is all handydandy until you realize the money apple is making from having partnerships with certain people and not others. Thumbs down to Apple for being a communist monster!!

Well i'm late for class . . .


Thursday, May 24, 2007

My creation . . . art is never a "waste of time"

My creation
Originally uploaded by highschooldramarama.

Today our assignment was to "waste time" to learn about Online generators. This is what I created!

I also created a Warholizer which is a silk recreation of his previous works. That was also pretty cool but my friend also made me one as well and I like that one better. I was also going to make a Movie poster but that online generator would have taken too much effort. I think this "waste of time" has given me a idea for a birthday present . . .

Do you think she (person in photo) would like this printed out as a birthday gift??

Till next time be fit and have fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flickr, one of the most widely recognized web 2.0 websites.

Hola Reader,

Today I had the pleasure of exploring Flickr a online photo sharing website. I found the instructions very easy to understand. The online flickr tour wasn't bad either I first thought that it would consist of mostly a slideshow and frankly i didn't have to the time or the patience to go through with that at the time luckily it wasn't so.

Interesting photos:

Feel so good -not- by akhater

Can you feel the anger . . . .

Feist 2 by ninamyers

She look like she's Loretta Lynn standing on the stage of the Grand Olde Opry!

Sunset by TLMELO

Gruta do Lago Azul by TLMELO

Just beautiful . . . .

One more!
Head spin by Pixmaniaque

Puts a new spin on heights!

That is all! Till next time . . .

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hello reader,

This week I've dealt with the social bookmarking site finding the site was amusing since it does not end with the usual .com or .net etc instead I had to google it to find the actual site. The sight can be useful in sharing websites with friends and family, as well as all the other things mention in the previous lecture. I spent at least three days just surfing through the site trying things out and clicking on random sites that I found interesting. It took me a few trys to understand how to tag and save bookmarks, but by far the worst was trying to find out how to use the "links for you" property. I spent many frustrating moment yelling at the computer screen "How do I do this?" and " I do not understand what you mean!" as well as other obscenities. I'm still not even sure I did it correctly, but for the sake of my sanity I hope it was correct. Adding the Link Roll seemed abit complicated at first but it was easier than I thought it would be. Anytime someone mentions JavaScript or HTML I automatically enter into a state of confusion that can only be remedied by an episode of Family Guy and apple juice.

Once again I leave this post saying "Ooohhh how shiny and useful this new contraption called Internet can be!"

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Greetings reader,

Today has been yet another learning experience, which is wonderful because I never want to be in a class where I'm not learning anything. So that now leads me to signing up my blog to and tagging it as well as finding other blogs using other tags the blogger had used to tag their blog. With tagging I was able to find three blogs that I was interested in.


I found this blog by clicking on the tag "parishilton" which was located on the left side of the screen under top searches. I found this site interesting because i like hearing the mindless chatter that comes out of Paris Hilton's mouth. If I was on my way to Oz I would invite Paris to come along so she can get a brain.


I found this blog under popular movies, using the tag "28weekslater" which is located underneath "my favourites". I like this blog because he reviews movies just because he enjoys it. I'm also really excited to see 28 weeks later!!


I actually searched for this one. I typed in "feist" and the first on was her blog off of myspace and since i already know about that one i decided to check this one out. Simply put, Feist is my favourite music artist right now so of course I'm interested in what other feist fans have to say about her.

Overall, Tagging is a simple way to find precisely what you want to read about. I enjoyed it, i have no complaints what so ever but I find if I had a blog i probably wouldn't link it to technorati because it would be too exposed and I enjoy my privacy.

Beautiful day eh?

Till next time!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

RSS Feeders and I are now friends . . .

Hello Again Reader!

My course Digital Culture has helped me realize two things, 1) "digital culture" actually exist and it's bigger than the average person realizes and 2) I was wrong to think of myself as disassociated from digital culture entirely. Last week's lecture I was introduced to RSS feeders, something I consider to be very new, but has actually has been around for awhile. In fact RSS has had more name changes over the years than p.diddy or even prince! At least now I know what that orange symbol with the sound waves that would occasionally show up in my firefox browser was for, I just thought it looked pretty. In a nutshell RSS feeder is a list of websites that update their content regularly or irregularly that subscribe to RSS. So instead of checking 10 websites everyday or twice a day, a (smart) person would check their RSS feeder to get a list of all the updates on all the websites that subscribe to RSS at once with a brief synopsis of each update. Google offers RSS Reader page with your google account. There are more than three ways to find and add webpages to Google RSS reader page.

1) (I mostly did this) Copy and paste the website's address to the "Add Subscription" box and if a RSS feeder exists it will be added to your subscription list.

2) (if you have a firefox web browser)Go directly to your website and if a orange soundwave or "RSS" appear in the address box then they have a RSS feed.

3) On the "Add subscription" bar click on "browse" this will lead you to "Get started quickly with feed bundles" click on the subscribe button on either News, Sports, Fun etc to add feeds ( This is what I ended up doing after I gave up on the first two).

Overall, RSS feeders are extremely useful for websurfers who have regular sites they visit and websites owners. As soon as I started using my RSS feeder I was exploring You Tube like I was in my second year of university again ( I just finished my third year). I also found out that most of the sites I visit however do not have a RSS feed as yet, but hopefully soon. Personally RSS feeders are wonderful if you can use them, but I will definitely be using this after today.

I would like to share this with you . . .